The Boston Impact Initiative invests in enterprises throughout Eastern Massachusetts that address the growing wealth gap and ecological challenges of our times.

We do this through an integrated capital portfolio that includes below-market debt, patient equity and strategic grantmaking to support enterprises working to create a healthy, resilient and inclusive economy. Our ambition is to build a model that other investors can contribute to in Boston, as well as to share our learning with communities elsewhere.

Our Beliefs About Change

A healthy and resilient community is one that has learned to trust itself to find its own solutions and take control of its future. Its members develop greater capacities and become smarter over time as they learn what works and how to work together. They become confident that they can deal with whatever problem confronts them next. In the face of hunger, poverty, ill health, environmental degradation and economic injustice, they respond, adapt, invent. That’s what makes them healthy and resilient.

Unfortunately, far too few communities in the United States could be described this way. As a result of decades of racial, social, economic and environmental injustice, many urban communities struggle with generational poverty and pervasive despair. We say we want a different future for our children, but we leave these children with few opportunities and a future that looks even less promising than the present.

In order for that to change, we believe a systemic shift is necessary in some of the fundamental conditions that contribute to persistent poverty and injustice among urban communities. It is essential that people have the opportunity to own and control their future—to secure jobs that provide growth and stability, to own their own homes, to have access to good food and reliable health care. Most important, they need to recognize their worth as citizens and their capacity to shape a better future for themselves and their communities.

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