As lifelong residents of the Boston area, our commitment is to make a contribution right here at home. Most of today’s approaches to social change isolate issues and address them one-by-one—this organization deals with homelessness, that one with hunger, another with education, and so on. But most chronic social problems are interconnected—hunger compromises student performance, poor education can lead to unemployment and homelessness, homelessness is connected to mental health and addiction challenges.

We believe that for a solution or innovation to be meaningful and lasting, it needs to arise from the unique conditions of people and place. Every community is an interdependent web of relationships. It is from within that community that we can best see where to take action next, what opportunity is opening up, who is willing to support change.

As we seek to invest in communities in the city of Boston, we’ll rely on the wisdom of people who are intimately familiar with their communities. We’ll learn from local residents, entrepreneurs, change agents—and most important, young people—about what matters most and where to start. We know that there are many brilliant, creative and passionate people committed to creating social change right here at home. We hope to find and support their initiatives.